Effective Tricks in Live Dragon Tiger

Effective Tricks in Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is an easy game. You only need to bet on the card which has bigger number than another card, whether it is in tiger or dragon hand. If you cannot go to the casino, you can try playing dragon tiger in live casino website and you need effective tricks in live dragon tiger.

Effective Tricks in Live Dragon Tiger

Effective Tricks in Live Dragon Tiger
Effective Tricks in Live Dragon Tiger
  • Follow The Basic Baccarat Pointers

Even though dragon tiger is simpler than regular baccarat, there are some rules that do not change. Here is a few pointers that should be followed carefully:

  • Never bet on tie bets. Tie bets are tempting because their payout is high. However, remember that the house edge always comply with payout ratio. Besides, the chance for tie to happen is thin and therefore it is easier to skip.
  • Pick bets with smallest risk. In regular baccarat, we pick on banker hand. In Dragon Tiger, we do Dragon or Tiger. These bets are easiest and have least house edge among the bet options. To know when to bet Dragon or Tiger, read on the point below.
  • Count The Cards

Counting cards that is already out is beneficial. By doing that, we know what cards are left, therefore we can predict what will appear next. It doesn’t require much thinking, and yet it brings big difference. It will be even more beneficial if you also note out the values, decks, and suit. In case you can’t keep up or is forgetful, it is okay to keep a simple note with a paper and pencil. This will make betting on Dragon or Tiger easier, as well as the strategy below.

  • Use Suit Based Strategy

This strategy is more of logic than actual strategy. If you did count the cards, it will be hard not to notice when a certain suit did not appear for quite some time. If such case appeared, immediately bet on that suit along with betting Dragon or Tiger. Since Dragon Tiger is such a simple game and the flow is easy to read, the chance for a suit to reappear after long hiatus is high. Plus, combining bets will cut out the risks.

  • Don’t Fiddle with Strategies Too Much

Beside the Suit Based Strategy, which is purely logical, don’t use other strategies while playing Dragon Tiger. The game is really simple, and therefore it will benefit more when bettors keep the gameplay simple too. Of course, as long you can handle it, it is fine to use logic-based strategies. However, common strategies (especially money management ones) like Martingale or Labouchere never been proven to be beneficial on Dragon Tiger. Most of the time they will slow the gameplay, which may be killing since this game is a fast-faced. So, skip those strategies and play freely by following the tricks above.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s play the game online and try effective tricks in live dragon tiger. Not only get some winning money but those tricks also will make you enjoy your playing time. Get more fund, get more fun by using those tricks.e

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