Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use

Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use

Dragon Tiger is a game which is similar to Baccarat or Casino war. This is a very simple casino game because you will only play with two cards, one as Tiger while other as Dragon. In this game, you will just bet on which card that will have the highest value. The winner is the player who bets for the highest value of card and the loser is the one who bets for the smallest value of the card. Playing this game is very easy so that it is very suitable for you who want to earn money in a simple way. Here are some Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use

Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use

Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use
Recommended Dragon Tiger Techniques to Use
  • Betting on Dragon or Tiger

If you prefer to play without using planning or strategy, the best choice that you can do is stick to the Tiger and Dragon bets. These bets have high house edge, which is about 3.73 % which offers more money to payout. So, play safe by betting on Dragon or Tiger only.

  • Counting Cards

In this game, there are few cards that are used so that you are able to know the number of your card that has been dealt by the dealer. If you can keep an eye on the 7s, you may not lose the game because if you have any 7 in this game it means a draw and there is high chance that you will lose the game and your money then.

  • Using Suit-based Tactic

Winning this game is not all about luck because there are times that you need to use your best strategy. Having a strategy can be done by calculating the number of the suits dealt and the remaining on deck because those are very crucial to win this game.

  • Avoid Tie Bet

By doing tie bet, the house edge of the bet will be 32.77% and it is very high. Therefore, if you choose this bet system, the chance of being loser is very high. There are about 86.320 for hand combinations with only 6488 suitable ties. In other word, you have around 79.872 chances of being the loser of this game. Instead of making money, you will lose your money in a blink of eyes.

  • Another Way for Winning

Becoming a winner for this game is not only about having Dragon, Tiger, Suit and Tie bets. There are another forms of winning which may be incorporated in order to increase the chance for winning this game. Those other forms are Small and Big bets. In Big bets, you will bet on the basis which the card dealt is more than 7 while the Small bet requires a card which is less than 7. By doing so, the casino will have 7.69% house edge.

By knowing those Dragon Tiger techniques to use, you will have higher chance for winning this game and making money. Although this game is very simple, you still need to be careful so that you will not get in trap and lose.

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