Sic Bo Great Techniques That Can Help You to Win

Dice game is never boring and if you are one of this game’s fans, you should know what sic bo is. Yes, it is a dice game where you should guess the bigger or smaller than previous total number. So basically, this game depends on your luck but you still can use sic bo great techniques that can help you to win.

Sic Bo Great Techniques That Can Help You to Win

  • Basic Big and Small Bet

Sic bo basic game is guessing the dice value will be bigger or smaller from previous game. It will be trick since you cannot use any kind of real strategy. If you have a power to see through the cup or to see the future, it may benefit you, but most of us do not have that super powers.

What you can do is just guess and it depends on your own luck for the result. Using your feeling is the right thing in playing this game. However, you can think logically if the previous dice makes you can predict the next value.

For example, the previous result is one, so you should place a bet on ‘big’. If the result is two, you should choose to bet on big rather than small. Yes, there is a chance to have one again but the probability is too small rather than the bigger numbers to be appeared.

You can also predict the next result if the result if the biggest number of the dice. You already know which one you will place the bet on, right? Yup, small. However, it will be trickier if the previous result is the middle number. The chance for bigger or smaller may be equal.

  • Combine Your Bet

To make it more exciting, you can combine the basic bet with the outside bet. You can try to guess the amount that will appear in the next turn. It is so tricky indeed, since for Sic Bo game with one dice you have six probabilities. So it will be so difficult and tricky. It is also not suggested to play this kind of bet if the sic bo game uses more than one dices.

You can try odd or even bet in multiple dices game. Why? Because it is safer since you only have to choose between two options, odd or even. However, there is no certain thing is betting, including in Sic bo game, so this kind of bet also depends more on your luck.

  • Other Technique

You can try to place a bet in Sic Bo game but using only the smallest amount of money. It will better to lose one dollar than ten, right? It is better if you are not losing any money but it is impossible. Pro bettors also experience the loss. Remind yourself that small winning will be good rather than nothing.

Sic Bo great techniques that can help you to win will really good and worth to try. Luck is important, indeed, but keep calm so you can think clearly and result a lot of money.

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