Simple Strategies to Consider in Baccarat Super 98 betting

There are no games available in online casinos that are more interesting than Baccarat, especially Baccarat Super 98. Since it was first made, bettors always try to find the best strategies to beat this betting game. Although it cannot be ‘really’ defeated, here is the following list of simple strategies to consider in Baccarat Super 98 betting in getting a high profit.

Simple Strategies to Consider in Baccarat Super 98 betting

  • Player, Banker, or Tie?

The first thing to be consider by any Baccarat Super 98 bettors is the edge of the house on each stakes. Of the three types of bets available, namely Player, Banker, and Tie, Tie bet is the worst option. Despite having a high payout and teasing every player to set at it, this bet is very difficult to win. Possible bettors can win even just reach 10.5-1, even though the payments earned by bettors reach 8 to 1.

Two other bets, namely Player and Banker, also have the same winning ratio. However, the risk of losses earned by players is lower. In addition, the winner will also earn a 5% commission on the bet set.

  • The Money-Back Rule

Determining the right strategy can be done by understanding the rules of the game. In addition to not placing bets on Tie, players must be able to calculate the possibilities. If no commission is earned, the Banker will usually get chance two-times better than a coin toss. More interestingly, the edge of the house at Banker bets only around 1% only.

As for the edge of the house on the Player bet higher, i.e. reaches 1.25%. If you are not reckless in determining a decision in a bet, absolute great victory belongs to you.

Despite having the lowest edge of the house between the other two types of bets, the Banker bet is still the main choice of professional Baccarat bettors because it is considered the safest.

  • Winning Baccarat Strategy

From the above two points, here are some recommendations of the best strategy in playing Baccarat Super 98:

Systems owned by various bets Bankers in online casinos can be said to be similar. Therefore, the strategy used to win it is the same. Bettors are strongly advised to use the 1-3-2-4 system, which is a very effective way to minimize losses earned by players and increase the likelihood of winning.

If bettors win, the bets progress can be concluded as: Bet 4 is 4 units, bet 3 is 2 units, bet 2 is 3 units, and bet 1 is 1 unit.

By running this system appropriately, big profits can be obtained. Another advantage of this system is the chance of bettors gets a big win, which is about 9.5 units, while the level of risk of loss only reached 2.05 units. In other words, even if lost in four games in a row, you can return your stakes with just one win.

By using these simple strategies to consider in Baccarat Super 98 betting, bettors can get big profits easily. However, keep in mind because this strategy can be used if you already understand how the rules in this popular betting game.

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