Simple Terminologies You Must Know Online Baccarat Game

Simple Terminologies You Must Know Online Baccarat Game

How far have you come in Baccarat? How many strategies have you mastered and resulted in winning? If you think your answers for those questions aren’t very satisfying, you gotta read this article thoroughly. Below we present you the simple terminologies you must know online Baccarat game that may help you improve your Baccarat skill further.

Simple Terminologies You Must Know Online Baccarat Game

Simple Terminologies You Must Know Online Baccarat Game
Simple Terminologies You Must Know Online Baccarat Game

The reason why you need to learn Baccarat terminologies is because many of the terms used in the game are adapted to English. As we know that Baccarat is originally from France. Also, the game uses many terms or words and phrases borrowed from Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages. The original terms’ meaning cannot be fully translated to English. They were just substituted by the equivalent English words. That’s why, you better study the following terms in Baccarat below to help you enhance your chances of winning.


It is a France word meaning banker in English. The role of the banker is dealing the cards from a shoe. A bet placed on a banker is said to be the best one because of the lowest house edge of 1.06%. If you place a bet on the banker and you win, you need to pay a commission of 5% to the house.


The commission is actually the house edge. House edge is the money a casino deducts from your winning cash as their profit. A casino usually takes a commission of 5% from a player if their bet on a banker wins.


You will find this term mostly in punto banco and chemmy baccarat. Croupier is another word for a dealer. A dealer itself is someone who will deal the cards for the players and who can sometimes come from one of the actual players in the games. A croupier is also someone who is in charge of card shuffling, betting and winning controlling, and keeping track that no player breaks any rule in the game.

High Roller

This term refers to the ones who dare enough to place a big bet consistently. A high roller in any game, in Baccarat for example, is usually the one betting huge amount of money in other games too. A high roller may place bet up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in every round of a game.

Live Dealer Baccarat

It is actually one of the variants in Baccarat game. It is a kind of Baccarat that can be played from your home and with a real dealer. This Baccarat variant can be found at many online casinos providing games with live dealer.


It is a condition where the first two cards dealt for either the banker or the players is a 9 or an 8. If this happens, the third card doesn’t need to be dealt and the round of the game is over. The payout is then paid to the winner accordingly.

So, did you find something new from the list of terminologies above? The simple terminologies you  must know online Baccarat game above are still basic, meaning that you still have plenty of terminologies you need to master. But, no need to rush. Master the ones listed above first then build it up.

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