Unlimited Blackjack Great Approach You Need to Learn

Blackjack is one of popular casino games in both land based casino and online casino. It is easy to be played. You just need to have cards with value of 21. So, rather than depend on your luck, you can try some strategies. Here is some unlimited blackjack great approach you need to learn.

Unlimited Blackjack Great Approach You Need to Learn

  • How to Play Blackjack

As many bettors said, you just need two cards that have value of 21. You need one card of jack, queen, king or ten which is considered as ten, and also an ace, which value one or 11. However actually, the players should not only be focus in getting 21. They can explore other possibilities of cards, as long as the value is big enough.

Number two until nine cards will have the same value as the number and ace can be considered as 11 or one, depends on the situation. In some of blackjack game, you can draw the third card if you consider your cards value is low. If the cards in your hand are two and three, it means that your card only value five. You can pick one more card, let’s say you get an ace. You can consider the value as eleven so in total you can get value of 16.

In the situation that you already got card number seven and a jack, which is considered as value 17, you can draw a card. If you get an ace, it will be counted as one, so you get 18. Be careful in deciding that you will get another card or not. Because if you get more than 21, it will be counted back from one.

  • Basic Strategy

In some online blackjack, you can split your cards into two hands, so you can double your chance. For example, if you have ten and a jack, you can split and take two cards more. Who knows you can get an ace so you can ensure yourself you will win the game immediately by one of those two sets of cards.

Be wise in playing is the way to ensure your winning. First, you should know the time to stop. It does not mean to stop playing, but you should know when to stop drawing more cards. If you consider your cards’ value is high enough, the stop immediately unless you want to lose.

Secondly, you should not be obsessed only on 21 or blackjack only. As long as you get big value, bigger than other players, you still can win the game.

  • Counting Cards

You can use counting cards strategy by counting the ace. In blackjack game, players will get two cards each, then one of those two cards will be opened and face up on the table. You can start to count the aces and predict what will happen next.

You can use this unlimited blackjack great approach you need to learn. Understand how to play it well then have some practice. Use basic strategy at the beginning and develop yourself to be better player. You can also try the counting cards strategy that will help you. Happy betting!

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